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Can you solve our puzzles?


Want to have fun alone, with friends or family?

MindOpus offers a wide range of online puzzle games to solve in the comfort of your own home!

Choose the story that suits your taste. Enter a scenario, use your imagination and logic to solve the puzzles at your own pace and enjoy the challenge of the game! All you need is a few clicks to get started…


Several themes and various difficulty levels available

Our games last 90 minutes on average

On your own or with a team

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Buy a single access, or several

For those playing remotely with others, buy one access per house

For those playing under the same roof, purchase one access


Access your game in your customer account

Valid for 365 days after purchase

To play with your teammates remotely, use the external communication platform of your choice

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Our online game closest to an escape room. Perfect for a first online experience.
Living the life of a spy has always interested you? This game with its technological side will immerse you in this mysterious universe.


Explore the Horrors of the Haunted Hotel: Are You Brave Enough?

2h - 2h30

Do you miss the sun? In a few winks, live, through the game, a week in an all-inclusive. Ideal for people who want to escape their daily lives.
This humorous game will please all family members. An endearing story and accessible level of difficulty. Incredible for a first family experience!


Fans of magic and witchcraft will be delighted.
Experience holiday frenzy by outsmarting sneaky tricks. Ideal with family or for an office party.


One of the Citadelle’s captains has found a medal he does not recognize…


MindOpus Online Riddle Games offer more then a simple click and point game.




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Otherwise, do not hesitate to write to us at [email protected] 

There is no stopwatch or automated system for competing between multiple teams. If you’re interested, we have designed a scorecard to assign a score for each step. To find out more about competitive mode, click here.

Most of our games are accessible for ages 12 and up. For younger children, we recommend the support of an adult to help them through the game.

No, all sales are final.

It depends on the game chosen and its difficulty level. On average, you can schedule 90 minutes of play. However, there’s no time limit, so you can do it at your own pace, and even in multiple sessions during the 365 days of validity.

All of our online games are $17.40 plus tax.

No, there’s no game host or facilitator. So, you don’t have to reserve a particular time slot to play. Just play when you feel like it!

For participants playing remotely with other players, each player must have their own access to the game that they can open on one of their screens (computer, tablet, television, etc.). Each player must log in via their customer account which is automatically created at the time of purchase. Then, all you have to do is connect with the other players via a communication platform (Facetime, Skype, Zoom, etc.) to see each other and discuss the solutions to the puzzles. This is not a video game in which you will see the progress of your teammates in the game. Each player, on their own device, will have to enter the answers to move on to the next step.

Simply allow a few minutes for the website to process your purchase. Once the transaction is complete, you can start your game by going to the Purchased Games / My Membership section of your customer account. This customer account can be accessed directly at the top right of the MindOpus website.

You’ll have access to the game starting at the time of your purchase and for the next 365 days.


If you decide to play in several sessions, we recommend that you take notes of the answers obtained at each stage to easily pick up where you left off, because your answers won’t be saved.


Do you have an idea in mind? Trust our team, which specializes in customized entertainment and creating emotions.