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Recommendation : 6 per team


2h - 2h30


Explore the Horrors of the Haunted Hotel: Are You Brave Enough?

The story

Your expertise is required at a hotel that is apparently haunted. The hotel is in the middle of the woods, and all the guests have fled after incidents involving paranormal activity. Some say they saw a glowing figure wandering the halls, while others say they were hit or attacked by an invisible force. The hotel owners have hired you to investigate the events and determine if there is indeed a ghost haunting the premises and, if so, what type of spirit it is in order to take the appropriate measures to chase it away. The key to the room where the events seem to have originated has been left for you at reception. Let’s hope, for your good, that the ghost won’t try to attack you during your visit… 

**Features: Unlike other MindOpus Games, you will not only have to solve puzzles but also search and make the right connections between the clues found at the haunted location to retrieve essential information for your investigation. Game navigation is more complex. It is not a linear game.

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A great alternative to Netflix and chill!
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Puzzle solving is varied, so it doesn't feel repetitive throughout the game.
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I like the whole concept in general. Well done and super fun to solve. Excellent alternative to in-branch challenges. I appreciate the availability of employees who respond very quickly to messages sent online.
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I like the fact that we focus on one puzzle at a time.
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I like the fact that you can play in segments, not necessarily finish the game in one go.
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I love escape games in general so this is a good compromise when you want to stay at home. For your games in particular, I like all the stories that are captivating.
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The option of different difficulty levels means that some games take longer in terms of time.
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I like the fact that some of the clues are cumulative right from the introduction. Also, the videos are of very good quality and the clues to the next step are very varied.
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Well explained, clues and answers provided, magnificent visuals, music provided, dynamic games, the possibility to interest my teenagers!


365 days access including support


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Online Riddle Game

This is a puzzle game that can be played in the comfort of your own home or any other place where you have access to an internet connection! Playing solo or as a team, on your computer or on paper, enter a story where you must solve a series of puzzles in any order. Solving them all earns you the story’s conclusion as well as letting you meet your objective. There are no rules to the game! Have fun, enjoy yourselves, use your creativity and your wit to win the game. You can play the game whenever you prefer, at your own pace, and without a time limit.  


For people who want to play with faraway teammates, each household must have their own copy of the game and each open it on their screen (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) Each household will have to log into their own accounts which are created automatically upon purchase.   Then, all you need is a means to connect with the other players via a communication platform (Facetime, Skype, Zoom, etc.) so you can see each other, discus and exchange about the puzzle solutions. They are not a video game where you can see your teammates’ progress. Each household will have to enter their answers individually to move on to the next part of the game.   The MindOpus games can be played alone or in a team. If you play in a team, we recommend that you have a team of maximum six players to simplify communication and make sure everyone can actively participate. There is no hard limit, however, so you can be a seven-person team if you’d like.   The game will be available for you in your account for 365 days starting from the date of purchase.  
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