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20 April, 2023

Défi-Évasion, the French-speaking leader in escape games in Canada launches MindOpus: the first platform dedicated to English-speaking players in the country and the United States. Well established in Quebec for nearly 10 years, Défi-Évasion now offers its expertise and hours of fun outside the province, thanks to MindOpus.


MindOpus already offers 7 online escape games to solve at home, a corporate offer and a 100% customized project service. The very symbolic name is significant: it is a contraction between the words “mind” and “octopus”, the octopus being one of the most intelligent animals, demonstrating outstanding capacities of memorization, learning, orientation and adaptation to its environment.



Having already sold more than 200,000 online games, Défi-Évasion is proud to offer 7 new games in English. These games, recommended for ages 8 and over depending on the game chosen, are categorized according to different levels: beginner and intermediate. The games last between 1 and 2 hours and are sold for only $17,40. These games have no limit to the number of players, which makes them an excellent activity in a corporate context for team building purposes.


The themes are as original as fun and range from The Enchanted Chocolate Factory for families (some games are actually child-friendly), to AGEMI – Academy of Magic – for ages 12 and over, to a Christmas game, a spy game and a family holiday mission. Each game is steeped in expertly crafted storytelling, with plenty of nuances and turnarounds.



Proud to have for nearly 10 years of expertise in creating escape and riddle games, MindOpus adapts its different services to the needs of its clients. From the creation of a complete game (online escape games or enigmatic rally) to a 100% customized project for an event, MindOpus can do it all.


In fact, MindOpus is specialized in customized entertainment. Whether to entertain, educate, inform or raise awareness, escape games are an excellent way to capture the player’s attention and ensure a distinctive experience. Several hundred clients have already deal with the team’s customized services.


For cities wanting to stimulate an area of its territory by integrating an enigmatic rally, for museums wanting to reach a new audience through an immersive experience or for companies looking to enhance its next team building activity or annual congress, MindOpus is confident that it can satisfy the requirements of all types of clients.



Well established in Quebec for nearly 10 years, Défi-Évasion now offers its expertise and hours of fun outside the province thanks to MindOpus: the first platform dedicated to English-speaking players in Canada and the United States. MindOpus is the result of the union of four people from the world of escape games and web marketing. Véronique Girard and Dave Welsh, co-founders of Défi-Évasion, have joined forces with Jean-Michel Fraser and Chanel Crépeau. This last one has developed an expertise in the web influence and Search Engine Optimisation of companies on different social platforms. Mr. Fraser is a senior web strategist who will allow MindOpus to break into the market outside Quebec.

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